NCHC Announces Second Half Scheduling Shakeup, Three Denver Series Affected

After Denver’s series at Omaha, among many others across the country over the weekend, was postponed from January 7th and 8th due to Covid protocols within the Mavericks’ program, the NCHC announced a scheduling update that affects nearly every weekend over the rest of the season. In doing so, this weekend’s series against St. Cloud State has been postponed to the weekend of February 4th & 5th while Omaha, originally scheduled to play North Dakota this weekend, will make its trip to Denver this weekend for a Saturday/Sunday series.

The changes don’t end there, though. All of the schedule changes, in red, can be found in the tweet below:

Denver Hockey’s remaining regular season schedule now looks like this:

Saturday, January 14
vs. Omaha, 6:00 pm MT
(Originally 2/25)
Sunday, January 15
vs. Omaha, 6:00 pm MT
(Originally 2/26)

Friday, January 21
vs. Colorado College, 7:00 pm MT
Saturday, January 22
at Colorado College, 6:00 pm MT

Friday, January 29
at Miami, 5:00 pm MT
Saturday, January 30
at Miami, 3:00 pm MT

Friday, February 4
vs. St. Cloud State, 7:00 pm MT
(Originally 1/14)
Saturday, February 5
vs. St. Cloud State, 6:00 pm MT
(Originally 1/15)

Friday, February 11
vs. Minnesota Duluth, 7:00 pm MT
Saturday, February 12
vs. Minnesota Duluth, 6:00 pm MT

Friday, February 18
at Western Michigan, 5:00 pm MT
Saturday, February 19
at Western Michigan, 5:00 pm MT

Friday, February 25
at Omaha, 6:00 pm MT
(Originally 1/7)
Saturday, February 26
at Omaha, 6:00 pm MT
(Originally 1/8)

Friday, March 4
at Colorado College, 7:30 pm MT
Saturday, March 5
vs. Colorado College, 7:00 pm MT

It’s entirely possible that this is not the final schedule as the world is still dealing with the fallout of the Omicron variant and the different ways it has upended lives and, more importantly, hockey schedules. We will continue to keep you updated as things continue to evolve and affect Denver. Hopefully, this is the only time we have to provide updates on the schedule but, as we have all become far too familiar with over the past two years, there simply is no guarantee of it.

Ticketing information regarding the changed Omaha and St. Cloud State series at Magness Arena will be provided tomorrow and as soon as we have that information, we will update this space in this article with it.


Tickets that were for Friday night’s series opener against St. Cloud will now be good for Sunday’s game against Omaha (6 p.m. MT). Tickets that were for Saturday’s night’s St. Cloud game will be good for Saturday night’s clash against Omaha (6 p.m. MT). Fans that purchased tickets for the original Friday date but are unable to attend on Sunday, the Denver Ticket Office will do its best to accommodate your switch to a new date. Call 303-871-4625 to discuss availability with a ticket representative.

Ticket holders affected due to schedule changes can contact the Denver Ticket Office for further assistance.

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