Guttman Lifts Pioneers to 5-4 OT Comeback Win over Miami

Denver senior captain Cole Guttman rescued his fellow #5th ranked Pioneers from a road disaster in the making, scoring two extra attacker goals in the final three minutes of the third period, including the tying goal with just 11 seconds left, and then set-up the Mike Benning game-winner in overtime to down last-place Miami, 5-4 in overtime in Oxford, Ohio.

We’ll have more on this game later….

5 thoughts on “Guttman Lifts Pioneers to 5-4 OT Comeback Win over Miami”

  1. Great job, Pios. Sounds like a good comeback. Appreciate all the content here. But unless I have missed something, is DU gymnastics flying under our radar? Ranked 5th in the country, and a meet with #3 Oklahoma on ESPN tomorrow. The basketball content is appreciated, but would love to hear more about DUs most impressive team at some point!

  2. I have very mixed thoughts about last night.

    On one hand, while DU dominated the possession and the shot chart, but allowed four Miami goals on their first 17 shots. That’s a normally the recipe for failure. The first two Miami goals were due to bad PK rotations that left too much room on the backside, while the second two Miami goals were goaltending errors by Chrona that never should have happened. Yet they did…

    On the other hand, you have to admire the guts and the comeback that DU achieved after Miami punched the Pios in the mouth. Carle gambled pulling Chrona with three minutes to go and the team followed captain ‘Gutter’ to victory.

    I think that in this game Guttman sent a message to this team that he is the senior leader who is willing to will lead this DU team to whatever their destiny will be. Remember, it was Guttman who put the DU team on his back and forced overtime in the NCAA Semi-Finals against UMass-Amherst in Buffalo when the Pios were a couple of goals down. He makes things happen, and this has to be a another confidence builder for a Pio team that is learning to believe in itself.

    Let’s see how DU responds tonight…

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