Win Two Tickets to Loveland Regional Hockey Tournament Thursday!

Win two free tickets for Thursday’s NCAA Regional hockey tournament in Loveland. To win, you must write in the comment section below a limerick about the tournament, teams, players, or Loveland.  The entry deadline is 11:59 pm Tuesday night. The winner (1) will be selected by a LetsGoDU panel on Wednesday.

We will give you three limerick examples below:

There once was a man from Duluth,
who played hockey with only one tooth,
a wrist shot appeared
to have entered his beard
Now his smile reveals the truth

Michigan Tech at hockey is dandy
but no girls in their dorms made them randy
No companions in Houghton
(Only if they brought them)
Made the team quite lonely and handy

There once was a school named Lowell
Cited their town name for all to know
But UMass exists
As the ‘flagship’ they hissed
And it’s clear why the university in Amherst blows

If you would rather not write a limerick, give us your absolute best sob story in the comments to win the two free tickets to Thursday’s NCAA hockey regionals.

One winner will be selected.

Tickets: Courtesy of the Goddard Companies, Houston, Texas

8 thoughts on “Win Two Tickets to Loveland Regional Hockey Tournament Thursday!”

  1. There once was a goalie named Chrona
    Who put his opponents in a coma
    He stood almost six six
    And wants us to have these tax
    So we don’t have to watch him alona

    1. Congratulatios Raymond. You are the winner! We can text you your two tickets for Thursday night. Email us your phone number and we will send the tickets to your phone. Thanks for being the first to enter.

  2. There once was a player named Carter
    Who had two best friends also named Carter
    Lots of goals they would score
    Their lives were never a bore
    And for them David Carle would barter.

    1. In Loveland, a tourney was staged,
      Six thousand fans were dismayed…
      Why the hell must they drive
      56 miles outside…
      For in Denver, the games should be played!

  3. We love our hockey team, the Pioneers
    On Thursday I’ll have a couple of beers
    I’ll be cheering my team
    I hope they don’t lose steam
    A Pioneer victory! Otherwise I’m in tears

  4. DU in the crimson and gold,
    Led by a captain named Cole,
    His pass found Mazur
    Who fired a laser
    And that was the end of Lowell

  5. Thank you for your thoughtul entries! After careful consideration, the winner is Raymond Harris, our very first entrant. We want him to join us (with a friend) in Loveland so he won’t be ‘alona’.

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