Precise Shooting Triggers BC 13-8 NCAA Second-Round Win Over Denver

In a strange game, DU led in most statistical categories – shots (26-17), shots-on-goal (16-13), forced turnovers (22-10), clears (16-17 vs 17-22), and ground balls (14-8). How did BC win? They went a cool 13-13 on their shots on goal – nearly an impossible statistic to generate at this level of play.

Denver trailed 3-1 at the end of the first quarter and 8-5 at halftime. Normally, Denver has solid second halves but the Eagles outscored the Pioneers 5-3 in the final 30 minutes to earn the hard-fought win at the Newton Lacrosse and Soccer Field, home to BC.

Bea Behrins led DU with 3 goals. Not surprisingly, it was Charlotte North who led the Eagles with two other teammates with 3 goals each, Caitlynn Mossman and Jenn Medjid.  The loss ended DU women’s lacrosse’s run in the second round for the second consecutive season in a row.

Maybe the decisive moment of the game came in BC’s ninth goal which came early in the 3rd quarter when Medjid’s shot went just wide of the left post and landed on the outside of the net. The referees were quick to award the goal to the Eagles and even after a discussion among all of the officials, they stuck with the call on the field. Unlike many other sports, college lacrosse, both men’s and women’s, does not employ replay review, so the Pioneers coaching staff had no recourse. While the ‘goal’ did not end up affecting the final score, it was a key moment in the game that gave BC a four-goal lead rather than giving Denver the ball on the turnover with a chance to cut the three-goal 8-5 deficit down to two with loads of time left in the game.

The only remaining spring sport for Denver is men’s golf which tees off tomorrow in the first round of the NCAA’s in Stockton, California. Men’s golf will conclude the 2021-2022 season for Denver Athletics.

Top photo courtesy of Denver Athletics

5 thoughts on “Precise Shooting Triggers BC 13-8 NCAA Second-Round Win Over Denver”

  1. I didn’t get to see the game, but if BC shot 13-13, DU’s goaltender had an EXTREMELY poor day – a 0% saves percentage.

    That should never happen…

    If Bohi had just saved 5 of those shots (38% – under her season average of 41%), DU would have been even with BC. And had Bohi had just an above average day and saved 6 or 7 of the 13 shots, DU would have upset BC.

  2. box score did not include name of our goalies or their stats. I thought it was a error by them. Maybe they just being kind. Dunker will now go back and look at DU individual stats. I’m shocked. Just finished watching Delaware upset Gtown. A physical and mental error by Gtown in last three minutes may have sealed the deal. Big East teams sucked in the post season. That includes women’s golf.

  3. Yes, we did have a goalie, actually 2 played, but probably not at the same time. Bohi did have 2 caused turnovers and one ground ball.

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