Incorporating the Controversial New DU Logo on Hockey Uniforms

We still have no information on the new interlocking DU logo’s place on Denver Hockey uniforms. While there are thousands of possible combinations, we looked at four options below. Assuming the new uniforms must have the new logo (which, we’re all still holding out hope this mandate is delayed until a better, more well-thought-out rebrand is considered), which one of the four options do you prefer?

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Assuming DU forces the new logo on Athletics, which uniform design would you prefer?

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15 thoughts on “Incorporating the Controversial New DU Logo on Hockey Uniforms”

  1. I think they should have used an alt 3rd jersey and made it a cream color, and just used the DU shield logo for certain home games, kind of like the Rangers’ Winter Classic jersey from 2012.

  2. Why does the administration always want to destroy tradition? As an alumni, I feel more and more disconnected whenever these ridiculous changes are forced down our throats! #BringBackBoone

  3. If we have to live with a ban of Boone, then please also BAN any reference of the Pioneers as ‘Pios’!!

  4. #1 is essentially the same uniform we’ve had for ever, its a no brainer and if they do it, the new DU on shoulders is not a big deal. Hell after a beer or two, I can’t even see that small DU on shoulders

  5. Why be intentionally ugly? Stay with how we look now. It works, and it has worked for a very long time. We are the only University of Denver. We are not the only DU. Let’s keep up the struggle to not be ugly and to not be like other logos.

  6. I will never ever ever purchase any DU merchandise with the slang “pios” on it. Go boone!

  7. Interesting how this Pios terminology has taken hold lately, to the point where the announcers on evening news talking about DU hockey will routinely call them the Pios. I don’t have a problem with it, Just interesting, because this is a pretty recent phenomenon. I don’t think that anybody referred DU as to “Pios” until maybe 3-5 years ago, and now it’s all the time.

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