Order Now: Denver Boone Custom Commemorative Hockey Jerseys

The Friends of DU Hockey are exclusively offering custom, one-of-a-kind hockey jerseys to celebrate DU’s historic record-tying ninth national championship title. All proceeds above cost from the sale, $25.00 per sweater, go directly to support DU Hockey.

These authentic Dynamic hockey jerseys can be purchased in adult and youth sizes. You may add your name to the back at no charge. Expect 3-4 weeks delivery time between order and delivery of the manufacture of your custom jersey. Please order down one size to account for no pads. You can place your order here.

One jersey option features a National Championship logo with Hockey Boone and the National Championship years on the front. The number ‘9’ adorns the right sleeve and the back of the sweater. The left sleeve features a yellow #9 banner.

Denver Boone Natty Seal
The other jersey option features Hockey Boone on the front. The number ‘9’ adorns the right sleeve and the back of the sweater. The left sleeve features the championship logo with hockey Boone and the nine Championship seasons.
Boone Hockey Natty
The Dynamic jerseys come in youth sizes as well!

Order now so you can have your jersey before next hockey season begins. This offer is good through October 7th, when Denver begins their quest for a record-breaking 10th NCAA championship. Perfect for birthdays, holiday gifts, youth hockey players or for display in your home. All this while benefitting DU hockey!

These commemorative hockey jerseys are made and marketed by and for the Friends of DU hockey. Friends of DU Hockey are not an agent of the University of Denver. The link to order these sweaters is the exclusive site to find these commemorative jerseys.

9 thoughts on “Order Now: Denver Boone Custom Commemorative Hockey Jerseys”

  1. I saw a picture of a local establishment that had a sign with your national championship logo with the Boone on it. Can we order the sign? I would buy 4 or them.

    1. It was a one-time run. I have two extra left. If you are in Denver, you can have them.

      1. Yes I am in Denver and yes I would want them. Please email me details and we can make arrangements. Sorry I replied to the email notification, too, wasn’t sure best way to respond.

  2. I have seen the Denver Boone champs sign all over the DU area…..any chance of securing one poster or decals? Did you create t shirts?

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