Buchtel Blvd Perkins and La Quinta Bite the Dust

A seedy La Quinta motel at Buchtel & Colorado Boulevard is receiving the wrecking ball treatment along with a Perkins Restaurant as housing and residential buildings continue to pop up in the University and University Park neighborhoods. The latest project is one mile east of the Ritchie Center. This project is in addition to a new building at Josephine & Evans (one block East of University & Evans) and a massive housing project at Evans & Broadway.

A senior living center is under construction at Evans & Josephine
The massive Evans Station at Broadway and Evans will offer 360 residential units.

Redevelopment of the La Quinta/Perkins site will include, you guessed it, a nine-story apartment building at 1975 and 1995 S. Colorado Blvd., which will be built by Brookhaven Capital Partners.

The building will have 370 units, and consist of seven stories of residential space atop a two-story parking podium with 339 spaces. According to several reports, the first floor would have leasing and amenity space and a handful of “urban loft” units facing Buchtel Boulevard.

The property is approximately 2.5 acres and zoned for up to eight stories. The proposed building would count as eight stories for zoning purposes. Housing density continues to soar in Denver with the addition of high rises, two flats, and accessory dwelling units which allow property owners to add additional housing to their existing lots.

Only two questions remain. Where will students go to eat when the bars close and where will North Dakota hockey fans stay when they travel to Denver on February 10th & 11th, 2023?

11 thoughts on “Buchtel Blvd Perkins and La Quinta Bite the Dust”

  1. 95% of UND fans attending DU games live in the Denver area.

    They escaped North Dakota long ago!

    1. My wife yelled at a rowdy bunch of UND fans at the end of the thrid period, “Next bus to Bismark leaves in 5 minutes”, they all claimed that they lived in Denver. She would have none of it!

    1. I think it will be mixed-use Joni. Not sure on the cost but materials and construction $ are very high in Denver now.

      1. Pls advise when u know more. I think it would b a good investment in the long run. Close to campus where there is a lot of wealth

  2. Puck in serious mode today.
    5b- what do you project age group and lease rates in senior project?

    1. Afraid to anwer that Anon as my wife may book me into that place if the rate is low. The company that will be operating the Senior Living Center are MorningStar Senior Living out of Utah.

  3. Well congrats to the DPD trafficking unit which will have a little more time on its hands with that La Quinta closing – good riddance

  4. Good investigative journalism ! Keeping digging – how can Belcaro motel on Colorado Blvd stay open? How about the Pinecrest on South Broadway?

    1. Malcolm- Two excellent questions. Like my dad always said, “everybody has gotta’ be somewhere.”

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