8 Reasons/Excuses to Miss Homecoming Zumba Class

Among a host of activities, DU Homecoming is offering signups for Zumba Class on Friday, October 21st at 10:00 on Carnegie Green. If you aren’t registered here are some reasons why…

  • Instead, you prefer to walk High Street between Evans and Yale and guess how many cars have had their catalytic converters stolen
  • Drive to Euro Crapes at  1842 South Broadway and order Nutella-saturated Bananas Foster crepes — in your sweats
  • Skip the class because “Zumba is the Spanish version of Richard Simmons Dance Your Pants Off”

Richard Simmons Dance Your Pants Off! [VHS]

  • Post a Class Cancelled sign at Carnegie Green along with two dozen donuts. Bet with your friends, how many donuts are left.
  • While 12 million people do Zumba weekly, tell the staff at the registration desk, “I don’t do cults!”
  • Act disappointed, “I thought it was tomorrow?”
  • Ditch class to save energy for the uplifting 11:00 am Homecoming seminar, “A look Back at Financial Lessons of Market Volatility Learned from 2020“.
  • “Darn! Left my tights in Des Moines.”

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