Top Reasons to Root Against Duke on Sunday

  • Sure Duke is a fine school. They’re the first to tell you so. No doubt they have the best school in the Southeast. But that’s like being the best ski racer from Hawaii.

  • Forget southern hospitality. If you are in Raleigh-Durham for the match, avoid T-shirts like this at the Duke bookstore

  • At Sunday’s match, you are guaranteed to spot a handful of Dukies dipped in blue face and body paint. It seems so….dated.
  • Duke fans want to win way too much:

  • Of the eight colleges and universities in the Raleigh-Durham area, Duke is BY FAR the most disliked school in their own town.
  • ‘Cameron Crazies’ are sure to migrate to Koskinen Stadium Sunday when a handful of ‘crazies’ on mom & dad’s payroll will be trying to one-up each other with clever, unfunny comments at opposing players.
  • Denver men’s lacrosse has lost 5 straight matches to Duke. F-I-V-E. Time for men’s soccer to help stop the bleeding.
  • In 2021, Duke sophomore striker Thorleifur Ulfarsson taunted Bruins goalkeeper Nate Crockford. UCLA’s Pietro Grassi shoved Ulfarsson for show-boating and was shown a red card for his response to taunting. Meanwhile, Ulfarsson, after the perfect ‘dive’ was not booked for his display.

  • Earlier this season, the Blue Devils beat San Diego 1-0 by the same score Denver did.  Nobody wants to be shushed…especially by Duke.

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3 thoughts on “Top Reasons to Root Against Duke on Sunday”

  1. Gonna be a struggle to beat them in Durham, as Duke has only allowed seven goals all year. Pios have a great defense, too, so lets see what happens….

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