Commemorative Hockey Jersey Sales Reopened

While Denver temperatures continue to drop, demand for Commemorative Hockey Championship Jerseys continues to grow. Based on numerous requests, we have extended sales through the month of March 15th.

Remember to order one size down because these are real hockey jerseys and take into account pads. You can add a name to the back free of charge. Also, as before, $25 from the sale of each sweater goes to the DU hockey program. The price remains at a low, low $82.00 plus shipping. The store will remain open until March 1st. We cannot guarantee if the sweaters will be received by the Frozen Four. So, if interested, order now.

These custom commemorative hockey jerseys are made and marketed by the Friends of DU Hockey and are not licensed by the University of Denver. Friends of DU Hockey is not an agent of the University of Denver.

Thank you for your patience! Order HERE.

2 thoughts on “Commemorative Hockey Jersey Sales Reopened”

  1. For those wondering who wore #9 at DU.

    9 – Owen Ozar (2021-present), Tyson McLellan (2016-
    2020), Gabe Levin (2012-16), Beau Bennett (2010-12),
    Rhett Rakhshani (2006-10), Gabe Gauthier (2002-06),
    Jordan Bianchin (1999-01), Paul Veres (1995-99), Sean Ortiz
    (1991-95), Brad Podiak (1989-91), Jim Hau (1988-89), Dave
    Hanson (1986-88), Dwight Mathiasen (1983-86), Kevin
    Dineen (1981-83), Ed Beers (1978-82), Brad Purpur (1977-
    79), Lindsay Thomson (1973-77), Rob Palmer (1970-73),
    Allan Genovy (1967-70), Louis D. Geddes (1964-67), Emory
    L. Sampson (1961-64), William J. Masterson (1958-61), C.
    Barrie Middleton (1953-56)

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