Slush Halts Denver-Omaha Hockey Tilt

Saturday night’s game between Denver and Omaha hockey at Magness Arena was going to be a  test of wills. After a Friday 8-4 blowout of the Mavs, two questions remained: Would Omaha come out with more fire and battle for the split? Would DU build on their prior night’s eight-goal scoring binge?

Fans will have to wait until Sunday to find out.

As the old adage says, “A watched pot never boils.”

After a scoreless first period, a slushy puddle formed over the NCHC logo behind the Denver goal – apparently the logo protruded through the ice following resurfacing from the Zamboni. Officials and arena personnel worked furiously to cut away the logo and patch the divot but a puddle of water remained over the slushy patch-job. After a delay of an hour, the schools’ athletic directors and NCHC commissioner Heather Weems met on the ice to assess the situation. Ultimately, the decision was to postpone until Sunday to ensure player safety.

The game will resume at the beginning of the second period at 2pm MT Sunday.

Top Photo: Courtesy of Pio Pack

7 thoughts on “Slush Halts Denver-Omaha Hockey Tilt”

  1. A similar thing happened at DU in the 1986 WCHA playoffs against Michigan Tech. The Zamboni made a divot in the ice, and the Saturday game was postponed until the following day. About 1,000 people came back to see DU win the game on Sunday afternoon. DU went on to beat UMD and Minnesota to win the WCHA playoffs on home ice (there was no neutral site league tourney back then), and then beat Cornell in the NCAAs at DU to go to the Frozen Four in Providence, where they lost to Harvard.

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