Omaha Fans Relish the Extra Time in Denver

While Omaha hockey fans were disappointed in the Saturday night postponement to 2:00 pm Sunday, However, most were willing to take advantage of the extra time in Denver.

‘I’m going to iHop’, said Myriam Hobbs of Fairacres. “My eggs are usually hen to mouth but I want to try store-bought.”

But Myriam wasn’t the only one. Other Omaha fans look to enjoy the amenities of the big city.

Grace Easly of Dundee said, “We’re turning this into a field trip for the kids. We’re going to 16th Street Mall to show the kids what happens when they don’t do their homework.”

“We are definitely staying for the late game,” said Ellie and Matt Stamp. “We used to go to North Dakota hockey games but they shove elderly people down steps. We thought it best to come to Denver.”

The stamps seek hockey and safety in Denver

“I’m a little disappointed,” said Cole Hibbing in his black and red Omaha Mavericks WCHA throwback jersey. ” I am missing our annual Rotary raffle and dinner (on Sunday night). I was going to bid on a pair of Warren Buffett’s socks.”

Warren Buffett’s socks

Dave Krunkle and his family of four from the Benson neighborhood have extended their stay in the Mile High City. “We’re staying for the late game and driving back Monday morning. With daylight savings, we don’t want to miss any of the sights on I-76 and I-80. Plus, we like to play the license plate game!”

Feature Photo: Myriam Hobbs at iHop

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