Looking For New LetsGoDU Writers for 2023 and Beyond

As 2023 is now fully underway, we are looking to add to our staff at LetsGoDU. If you follow a particular sport at DU and would like to become a credentialed writer (or a non-credentialed writer and just want to share your thoughts), send us an email (letsgodu at gmail dot com) and tell us the sports you follow and why you would like to write for LetsGoDU.

We want Denver-based writers who are passionate, knowledgeable, and can attend home games on a regular basis for their preferred respective sports (yes, hockey included!). Writers can work with LetsGoDU managing editor Nick Tremaroli and the various DU sports information directors (SIDs) for media access to players and coaches outside of normal postgame access.

Our goal at LetsGoDU is to create original content and stories on University of Denver programs and related stories, support history and tradition, and report on the University/University Park neighborhood.

If you haven’t written before, we can work with you to proof and approve articles before they are published. As readers have discerned, our focus has traditionally been on hockey, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and lacrosse due to our limited writing staff but with enough writers, we hope to cover as many other sports as we can as well such as triathlon and gymnastics.

Since our reintroduction in 2015, we have had a number of writers, including the current stable of DU alums Puck Swami, Nick Tremaroli, and publisher Tim Thompson. However, over the years, we have supported other writers such as Sasha Kandrach, who wrote about hockey, lacrosse, and soccer for LetsGoDU as a DU undergrad and has gone on to an illustrious sportswriting career in the NHL, interning for the Pittsburgh Penguins and then working for the New York Islanders before joining the Colorado Avalanche during the 2021-22 season. Another key LetsGoDU contributor, Tim Healy is a DU alum and writes primarily about DU skiing in his free time (be sure to watch for his recaps as the 2023 season gets hot and heavy over the coming months).

If you would like to learn more about what writing with LetsGoDU entails or are interested in writing, head to our ‘About’ page and then send us an email!

2 thoughts on “Looking For New LetsGoDU Writers for 2023 and Beyond”

  1. Sasha was (is) an excellent writer. I saw it in the very first columns she wrote.for LGDU,
    Sasha, The Boston Globe Sports section awaits you. It’s the top of the mountain for daily newspaper sports sections. You qualify.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! But in keeping with the winter/skiing theme, I’m going to say the 2023 DU Skiing season is getting “Fast & Furious”!

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