BOO Birds

One under reported story from the DU – North Dakota series in Grand Forks in early December was told by  Minneapolis City Pages. North Dakota fans, upset about the November nickname change re-branding the school to the Fighting Hawks, booed when the PA announcers uttered the new bird name.  The new name was decided two weeks prior to the DU series when North Dakota was playing back-to-back road series. DU got to hear the first expression of the fans displeasure. If you missed it, here it is:

The  booing was followed by a “Sioux forever” chant from the agitated throng.

According to City Pages, since the home-ice jeers began, the team has shifted the way it announces the name during games. The PA announcer used to mention the Fighting Hawks after the team killed a penalty, but it didn’t want fans booing when they were supposed to be cheering. Now it announces the name at the onset of the penalty kill.

“We wanted to have the exciting action on the ice match the excitement from our fans,” says Kyle Doperalski, associate athletics director for external operations.

Fighting Hawks

The Fighting Hawks travel to Denver February 12th – 13th.

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