Trend to Muzzle Cheer Spreads

Earlier this year, LetsGoDU covered a story about DU’s student section at hockey games  that was seen as too raucous by administrators. While that story is no longer an issue, Sports Illustrated had a story on the increasing pressure in the state of Wisconsin on High School chants that do not show ‘respect’ for competitors.

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) has issued a memo banning students from chanting certain words and phrases at basketball games that may be seen as hurtful. The words?

We can’t hear you
Air ball
You can’t do that
There’s a net there
Season’s over (during tournament play)

In an opinion piece about these restrictions on High School Cheers in The Battle Creek Enquirer, the author Bill Broderick rightfully stated, “The fundamental job of the student section or the home fans at a high school game is to make noise, give your team a home court advantage and put stress on the opposing team. They usually do this by organized chants, depending on what is happening in the game.”

They (WIAA) would clearly prefer a, “yea, team!” with students yelling at schools in their own colors, instead of “air ball” after the opposing team misses everything.

But, come on. Where would that leave us? Answer: In a very mild-mannered, milquetoast atmosphere on the campus of Politically Correct High.

As for Sports Illustrated, their piece states the ‘W’ in Wisconsin should stand for “Whining.”

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