ND Budget Shortfall Puts Logo at Risk

The Grand Forks Herald posted an article on the State’s budget shortfall with the collapse of oil prices. One professor is calling for a halt to Fighting Hawk logo development, at a cost savings of $49,500. The University of North Dakota is being asked to take $5 million dollars out of their operating budget.

In the spirit of goodwill & sportsmanship, LetsGoDU proposes the following:

  • Cut the under-the-table payments to the hockey team (Savings $3M dollars)
  • Move games to University Park outdoor ice arena & shut down the Ralph. Apparently Brad Berry took the boys out to test the feasability of this option earlier this week. (Savings $1,950,500)
Waiting on the “bench” the “Green team” players watch the match play out in front of them. Jesse Trelstad/ Grand Forks Herald
  • Adopt logos developed by LetsGoDU (Savings $49,500)

Fighting Hawks 6

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