Cheaters Bail After LetsGoDU Article

The pressure on Louisville, following a LetsGoDU article published earlier this week, has led them to announce that they have ‘volunteered’ to skip post season play this season, according to the New York Times.

This decision helps to eliminate potential embarrassment during this post-season Men’s NCAA basketball tournament, especially if Louisville advanced, with a mountain of evidence showing improprieties in recruiting.

James R. Ramsey, the university president, announced the decision, which he said he made in consultation with Athletic Director Tom Jurich, at a news conference Friday afternoon as Coach Rick Pitino (Slick Rick), a two-time national championship winner and world class schyster, looked on.

After hearing from NCAA staff, Ramsey said, he “determined it was reasonable to conclude that violations had occurred in the men’s basketball program in the past.”

No kidding.

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