10-9 Lax Nail Biter No Surprise

Many of us were far from surprised when DU’s men’s lacrosse team squeaked by Air Force 10-9 yesterday. You can find an excellent game summary on LaxPower #1 Denver Escapes with One Goal Victory at Air Force.

Scheduling Air Force in any sport, especially early in the season, is a huge gamble. Add extra motivation  when the home team gets a shot at the pre-season #1 pick – and a local rival as well.

As you may recall, an early season trip by highly favored DU hockey to the Cadet Ice Arena earlier this season resulted in a 5-4 OT loss to the Falcons. In an article leading up to the hockey game, Pioneers Brace for Aerial Attack, we  warned of the difficulties any team faced against the Air Force squad and provided a link which shows A Typical Day at the Academy.

Beating a motivated Falcons team at Cadet Lacrosse Stadium, 10-9, especially early in the season, is an excellent achievement .


3 thoughts on “10-9 Lax Nail Biter No Surprise”

  1. I went to the game. AFA always plays us tough, especially at the Academy. They have players who are very well-conditioned, tenacious and highly motivated to beat us as our regional rival. The Pios got out to an early lead, but the Falcons forced many of DU’s turnovers as the game went on, and they really kept DU from getting into an offensive groove, but the Pios had enough skill and calm to escape with a win. This was a tough opener, and as one former DU lax player put it – ‘the hotter the fire, the stronger the steel’. DU will learn from this game, and if Tierney can iron out the inexplicably poor clearing schemes, I think DU will be ok…

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  2. Somehow, I am not concerned about how Tierney’s team will be playing at the end of the season. At this point, just chalk up the win, and the development will happen soon.


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