With Exhilarating Win Comes Stunning Loss

Photo: This grainy image is the last known sighting of the huge Denver Boone banner, known as ‘Mega Boone’ , which was proudly displayed in the student section after Denver’s 3rd and 4th goals at Coors Stadium.

What started as a night of celebration ended in sadness for Denver Boone when the gigantic Mega-Boone banner disappeared following the win over Colorado College.

The back story had Coors Field personnel escorting Boone out of the stadium because his face was covered (against stadium policy – STUPID). This, even though the CC Tiger mascot was free to roam the lower section. The result – Mega-Boone banner was left alone and unattended.

While Boone doesn’t speak, it was clear that this loss was devastating. His handlers believe that it was picked up by a Pioneer student or fan and is in good hands – but time will tell.

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Mega-Boone, please contact Boone on his web page, call student Eva Cutler, or drop us a note. Mega-Boone is a critical part of DU’s Pioneer Pride!