With Exhilarating Win Comes Stunning Loss

Photo: This grainy image is the last known sighting of the huge Denver Boone banner, known as ‘Mega Boone’ , which was proudly displayed in the student section after Denver’s 3rd and 4th goals at Coors Stadium.

What started as a night of celebration ended in sadness for Denver Boone when the gigantic Mega-Boone banner disappeared following the win over Colorado College.

The back story had Coors Field personnel escorting Boone out of the stadium because his face was covered (against stadium policy – STUPID). This, even though the CC Tiger mascot was free to roam the lower section. The result – Mega-Boone banner was left alone and unattended.

While Boone doesn’t speak, it was clear that this loss was devastating. His handlers believe that it was picked up by a Pioneer student or fan and is in good hands – but time will tell.

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Mega-Boone, please contact Boone on his web page, call student Eva Cutler, or drop us a note. Mega-Boone is a critical part of DU’s Pioneer Pride!

9 thoughts on “With Exhilarating Win Comes Stunning Loss”

  1. Are you kidding, this is unbelievable! The banner must be found or replaced. If it needs to be replaced, count me in for a contribution. Will someone explain why the lame tiger can run around but Boone is denied entrance into the stadium. I see a discrimination lawsuit in the horizon.


  2. Or, if you want to drop it off anonymously, just drop me an email from any account and I will send you the address (near DU) for the drop-off. We are not going to press the issue on Mega-Boone (until we get to Tuesday.) We may even leave you a pizza. Not a big deal!


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