Fox 31 News: Where’s Boone and Who’s Responsible?

As we reported yesterday, Boone was escorted out of the Battle on Blake because his face was covered. In the process, Mega Boone was lost as well since Boone was originally in charge of watching after the banner.

The story caught the eye of Fox 31’s Kevin Torres and he reached out to LetsGoDU for comment. I happily obliged and I did an interview with him over at The Pioneer. You can find the story that Fox 31 ran below.

Because of WordPress’ restrictive video embedding rules, I wasn’t able to embed the video of Fox 31’s story on Boone, but to get to the video, just click on the image.

Click on the image to see Fox 31's story on Boone.
Click on the image to see Fox 31’s story on Boone.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Mega-Boone, the giant 20×25 foot banner depicting Boone, please email us at We promise there will be no repercussions. We just want to get it back to safety.

3 thoughts on “Fox 31 News: Where’s Boone and Who’s Responsible?”

  1. Now we hearing that random fans at Coors Field we wearing masks, scarfs & costumes but they were not asked to leave the stadium. In fact in the Channel 31 video above you can see a DU student with a scarf over their face. As they say in the NFL, DU & the Rockies were #Targeting Boone.

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  2. The real reason is likely because he was in a suite that spilled beer all over the club level section below, and he was an easy target for the ushers. I was in the club section, and can attest to it happening, but can’t confirm if that’s why he got the boot…just seems likely.



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