The First 48 – No Time for Grief

Detectives in major cities around the country race against the clock, knowing that if they don’t find a lead within the first 48 hours, their chances of solving a case are cut in half. – Television Series – The First 48, Opening Dialogue.

Denver Boone, mascot handlers, and LetsGoDU spent Sunday running down leads to find the whereabouts of iconic Mega-Boone. The gigantic banner, located in the DU student section at Coors Field, was left unattended when Denver Boone was ejected for having no head cover.

A logical person has to question this Coors Field policy. According to their published rules and regulations – Clothing which conceals a guest’s face is prohibited, including but not limited to, costumes and masks – So, how do 3 out of 4 (below) make it to the ‘old ball game’. 

Head Quiz

According to Fox 31, Coors Field authorities did not return numerous calls to explain their policy. However, Fox 31 promised a follow-up.

As for missing Mega-Boone, rumors, innuendo, and denials were issued by various parties around University Park. LetsGoDU continues to work publicly and through back channels to resolve the disappearance of one of DU’s most visible athletic fan symbols. Fox 31 Denver TV covered both the ejection of Denver Boone and missing Mega-Boone banner in their Sunday night segment, making this a regional story.

Mega-Boone is more than a ‘banner’ for athletic events.

At the University of Kansas, they wave the wheat when the Jayhawks are going to win.The Iowa Hawkeyes do the Victory Polka (In Heaven There is no Beer) when they vanquish a foe. At DU, Mega-Boone signals the turning point when a Denver victory is all but assured. Yet, victory is certain to be less sweet for PioNation without Mega-Boone.

Any and all leads are being accepted with no questions asked. We just want our beloved Mega-Boone back.


10 thoughts on “The First 48 – No Time for Grief”

  1. We will get through this. You think this is bad? Just look at what CC had to endure – losing helplessly on the biggest stage ever in Colorado, got a beat down _AGAIN_ by thier rival DU…. then to top it all off, while trying to deal with a hangover and battered, defeated sore bodies, on Sunday morning Bill Clinton was down there trying to sell them on his wife!

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  2. I wish the University of Denver would go ahead and just embrace Boone! Boone is no less inclusive than any other arbitrary choice they could make. The fans love him, the students love him. Boone has a certain amount of charm. Much better than a mountain climber or hawk, or something, Be done with it, DU, and just accept Boone!

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  3. That infographic is incredibly disrespectful and not up to DU’s inclusive excellence standards. I understand that you are trying to make a point but there’s only so far you can go before you offend people. I, and I’m sure a lot of people, appreciate if the infographic was taken down seeing as to how offensive it is.


    1. Keep in mind that we are not affiliated with DU and we don’t censor writers.

      We understand your concerns and we have taken care of the matter for the future. This graphic was intended to illustrate how unreasonable Coors Field’s covered-face policy is and how inconsistent the enforcement is.

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    2. A man in a chicken suit was allowed to stay. A woman in a niqab (which the photo is showing, not a headscarf) would be allowed to stay. So would a fan wearing a ski mask in cold weather, I’m willing to bet. The policy only states “Clothing which conceals a guest’s face is prohibited, including but not limited to, costumes and masks”, all this graphic is showing is that Coors’ officials should uphold the policy equality or not at all.

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  4. Pio Squirrel- Part of satire is exaggeration. LetsGoDU has put together 40+ articles the last two weeks alone – they are a mix of stories, information, and yes, satire. Jerry Seinfeld can no longer do his act at universities because people are easily offended. LetsGoDU does use humor – but not to attack, degrade, or insult individuals or groups. But, we do try to offer an occasional edgy sense of humor. Many opposing fans follow the blog and they often compliment our satire.
    I do not apologize for what I have written because I know what my intent was and most readers understand this is not Denver Magazine. However, I respect your opinion and anybody else who feels the same as you do. You may not like my stuff (5bwest) but there is good content that I hope you can enjoy. Yes, we are not affiliated with the University but we have a different filter than a University controlled publication. We also volunteer our free time and effort to provide stories that support DU athletics and a forum for fans (like you) to comment. Read Puck Swami’s recent article on Battle on Blake, my GI Tech article, and Nick’s Battle on Blake articles. I think you will find more to be proud of than ‘disappointed’. As a blog, there is always room for you to add your thoughts. I’m glad you did.

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    1. 5BWest – I see your satire, and raise you a pastiche. This blog is a much needed island of feisty school spirit in an otherwise barren wasteland of bland auto-responses.

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