From the Desk of LetsGoDU

LetsGoDU just completed one of the most exciting stretches of coverage since we returned in September. Over the past two weeks DU hockey faced rivals North Dakota and Colorado College in back-to-back weeks. During the stretch between February 7th and February 22nd, we published over 40 articles, mostly covering hockey but other topics of athletic interest as well.

Our goals when Nick Tremaroli and I re-started LetsGoDU were centered around five areas:

  • Offer Original Content
  • Support School Spirit
  • Celebrate DU Athletes
  • Provide a interactive forum for DU fans
  • Have Fun – Make readers smile

We hope the last two weeks have shown you that we have delivered on those ambitious goals.

I want to take a moment to thank Nick Tremaroli whose passion for DU athletics has put him in press boxes, in contact with other schools’ blogs, in touch with league officials, and has been in constant contact with DU coaches and other athletic administrators. He is even making a trip later this season to cover the NCHC Frozen Faceoff in Minneapolis. He grinds out original content on top of great event coverage – combined with solid sports knowledge and excellent writing skills. Nick’s Open Letter to Colorado College was a must read for both DU and CC fans. I want to personally thank Nick, especially for his outstanding work over the past two weeks.

Sasha Kandrach, a freshman who also writes for The Clarion, has been a frequent LGDU contributor as well. She has filled in for Nick at events on occasion and has also provided great, original content. She wrote CC vs. DU: More Than Just a Rivalry about growing up in the Springs as a Tigers fan. This was a fantastic piece of work and explains the DU – CC rivalry from her unique perspective.

Of course, Puck Swami continues to provide content as well. His thoughtful 2-part article, Thoughts on the Battle on Blake on the history and importance of the DU-CC rivalry to both the Springs and Denver communities was a ‘must read’ – and should be published every year to educate new fans and remind existing fans of this regional rivalry.

The point of this is not to pat ourselves on the back because LetsGoDU is something we love to do – it’s not work. We just wanted to reflect on the best two weeks in LetsGoDU history and explain to our readers that this is the standard we strive to achieve. We hope these past two weeks have been as exhilarating and fun for you as it has been for us (of course, it didn’t hurt that DU hockey did their part and posted an epic two weeks and two series sweeps) and we will work to continue generating the same, high-quality content with maybe just a bit less volume.

As always, we want your comments – positive or negative. We will never delete or edit what you have to say because this blog belongs to the DU community.

Thanks for reading – and tell a friend.