LetsGoDU ‘Big Event’ Super Survey

Puck Swami challenged DU to put on Big Events in his article Think Big, Denver . So we have put together the LetsGoDU Big Event Super Survey. In the survey, we provide a Big Event concept and venue. Of course, we know that it takes years to work out schedules and plan such events, but we wanted to paint a picture of what it would take to create such an event that would draw local and regional interest.

Vote for your favorite option and feel free to comment with any other ideas you might have.

The LetsGoDU Big Event Super Survey ends Wednesday, March 2nd.

6 thoughts on “LetsGoDU ‘Big Event’ Super Survey”

  1. Does anybody here remember the Denver Grand Prix? Colorful, exciting, loud Indy-style ace cars,with popular,name brand, well-known, instantly-recognizable sponsors, zooming around the downtown streets surrounding the Pepsi Center?

    Do you know why it’s all but a memory? Because Denver is not a Grand Prix town. Sure, you have the National drag races held each summer at Bandimere…. but, that’s for 3 short days annually. Denver is a FOOTBALL town. Why do you think that Tampa got to host another NCAA F4 before Denver did? That’s BS. Look at the economics. In terms of airfare, you can’t tell me that Denver isn’t better situated than Tampa is… even from cities like DTW, MSP, ORD and BOS..

    Right now, this city of Denver is hell bent on hosting a Super Bowl. There. I said it. But in doing so… they are turning thier backs on a multitude of sports and economic opportunity. Everything from car racing to Quilting to Bull riding to College Gymnastics or hockey.

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  2. Denver hasn’t bid on a NCAA Hockey Frozen Four since 2008, where that event basically broke even, as far as I know. DU hockey not making the tournament that was a super-downer.

    I don’t know what the NCAA requires as a financial guarantee to host the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four, but I think DU could put about 25,000 fans per session into Mile High, which is in the range what that event has been drawing in Philadelphia and Baltimore. DU had the largest crowd last year in the NCAA Q-finals, outdrawing Annapolis, MD in the other Q-final, even with our thunderstorms.

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  3. I agree with Swami , Lax final 4 !

    It makes sense- huge lacrosse fan base here (not talking just DU, but front range in general), NCAA wants to have college lacrosse move west – makes perfect sense. If DU didn’t make it to final 4, it would still probably do well for attendance (perhaps better than Hockey Frozen 4 without DU in it). End of May, not much would compete with Lax final 4 (Rockies already out of contention by then) and the lacrosse fans in front range are somewhat independent of DU.


  4. Invite the 4 teams out with the most NCAA Hockey Championships. I think they are Michigan, DU, UND, and BC. a double header on Friday and Saturday night in the fall before league play starts. DU plays BC and UM, same match-ups for UND. Maybe play it at the Pepsi Center.

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