UPDATE: Iconic Banner Mega-Boone, FOUND

Via his Facebook page, Denver Boone announced that Mega-Boone, the huge 20×25 foot iconic banner portraying the Walt Disney-created illustration of Boone, was found and returned to safety.

This announcement comes on the heels of a LetsGoDU report and a follow-up Fox 31 story about Boone’s ejection from the Battle on Blake and subsequent loss of Mega-Boone.

Boone reunited

It is understood that there were worries that there would be negative consequences for the person who rescued the banner. This was simply not the case. Because Boone was unceremoniously escorted out of the stadium, there was no one in the stadium to care for the large (and valuable) banner.

Pioneer fans are forever grateful to the individual who had the presence of mind to pick up Mega-Boone, take it home, and keep it safe. It was returned in excellent condition. To this mystery person, thank you! It is because of you that Mega-Boone will be making future appearances at DU athletic events!

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