DU Basketball Coach Joe Scott Fired

DU basketball practice
DENVER, CO – OCTOBER 31: DU basketball Joe Scott conducts practice October 31, 2013 as they prepare for the season (Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post)

After nine seasons as head basketball coach at the University of Denver, Joe Scott has been fired, according to a statement released to the press this afternoon.

“We’d like to thank Joe for his years of service and wish him all the best in his future endeavors,” DU Athletic Director Peg Bradley-Doppes said. “At this juncture we feel the time is right to make a change in the direction of the program and we look forward to entering a new, exciting era for the program with a dynamic new head coach at the helm.”

Scott was originally hired by DU in March of 2007 and amassed a record of 146-132 during his nine years at the helm of the men’s basketball program. The Pioneers’ 2015-16 season came to an end on Monday March 7, with a 54-53 loss to South Dakota State in the Summit League Tournament Semifinals in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Joe Scott issued this statement after being fired:



Scott’s nine years at DU dug the program out of the bottom of Division I, rose to a WAC title and and an NIT win in 2013, but since then, the program suffered some down years, recruiting issues, transfers and falling attendance.

Expect more coverage here as the story develops.

7 thoughts on “DU Basketball Coach Joe Scott Fired”

  1. Whoa, crazy!! I did not see that coming at this juncture. Although I guess it’s not a total shock, based on the failure of the program to jump to the next tier in competitiveness, attendance figures, and that elusive NCAA tourney appearance. Busy week for DU sports, with the Scott firing, huge lax game vs. Notre Dame this weekend, ski team vying for a national title this weekend, and the red-hot hockey team entering the playoffs. I appreciate the good coverage here.


  2. Wow! I thought for sure he’d have next year, as he seemed to reorient the direction of the program this year. If anything, I thought he would’ve been canned after last year’s dismal showing.
    Anyone care to speculate as to the reason(s)? Dwindling attendance? Player unrest? Feeling he can’t win the close games? Fan-unfriendly style of play?
    I, for one, will miss him (unless of course it comes out that he was a complete and utter barbaric lunatic behind closed doors, as many coaches tend to be).

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  3. Each year you can’t keep saying “next season.” Scott was living on that one season where it went to the NIT. He got a big contract extension and the program went downhill after that. Never another post-season bid.
    Player unrest? How many transferred out of DU?
    He didn’t win the Summit League. The Summit League.
    Awful recruiting over time.
    He was at DU for nine years.
    He constantly yelled at players during games, so don’t you think he was the same “behind closed doors?”


    1. Hey pal, easy on the testiness. You make a good point on the ‘next year’ outlook. Scott tended to flout excuses the past 3 years and you can even read them in his goodbye letter. Nine years is more than enough time for any coach.

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  4. I will miss Joe. I always root for DU athletes and coaches to succeed. Joe was a good family guy and always very nice to me. I thought they got over the hump this year. I always knew recruiting to the Princeton system was difficult and I always thought talent was the biggest problem over the past several years. Whenever he had good talent, he did well. I wish Coach Scott the very best in the future. Despite the grumbling, he brought DU a long way up from the way he found them. Now, it is on to the next chapter. Time to win the conference and break that awful o-fer streak in the NCAA’s.

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