4 thoughts on “Spring Break is Here”

  1. This is the best time of year to be a DU sports fan – so many competitive teams to follow! Thanks for cranking out so much original content. The writing is good quality, and the timing is great! It’s nice to see the fan comments starting to flow-in as the site ‘regains’ traction in the new format. This site is becoming the place for DU fans to congregate on line, and people are noticing!

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    1. The perfect storm- Spring break for students, second straight week vs. UNO and the Pioneers a cinch for the NCAA’s made this series unappealing to a lot of folks. Expect a slightly bigger crowd Saturday night but still paltry crowds versus the regular season.


      1. This kind of bad attendance for first round league playoff/spring break dynamic happens all over the country, not just here. Fans know that league playoffs mean very little for most team and that the games are mostly a funding mechanism for the league coffers, so many fans skip it. I would say DU has less than 2,000 fans in the house last night even though official attendance was 3,000+.


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