Florida Attorney General Issues Warning

Photo: Tampa boarding house residents evicted to accomodate Frozen Four fans 

The Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi issued a warning Monday afternoon, directed at local Tampa landlords. In the written directive, the AG warned that temporarily sub-leasing apartments by evicting housing residents was a violation of Florida state fair housing laws.

The story was broken by the Tampa Tribune, Tenants Report Mistreatment to Housing Authorities. One tenant, Jimmy Henderson, said his landlord evicted him from his apartment and subleased it to visiting North Dakota Hockey fans.

Hobo 3

Photo: Mr. Henderson stated, “I was thrown out of my place – all I have to show for it is this T-shirt.”

Other tenants in the Tampa area had reported similar abuses. With the rapid decline in oil prices and revenue plaguing North Dakota , the large fan base is seeking cost effective housing options for the Frozen Four.

4 thoughts on “Florida Attorney General Issues Warning”

  1. Please….keep your smelly North Dakota body odor away from us! Look… The Channelside District and the Pinellas Beaches are just plain too nice for the UND inbreds; I suggest they go up to Pasco county…that’s hillbilly heaven up there. Natural Light beer is sold by the cases, lots of nudists retreats, roaches, trailer homes and mosquitos the size of crows. Teeth optional. Hawks fans will LOVE IT!

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  2. All jokes aside, this is a wonderful opportunity to promote Tampa area tourism in Colorado. Whatever time of year, the Tampa area has much to offer. The funny thing is, people from Colorado – in general – do not vacation in Tampa. They are hellbent on going to Mexico, Cozumel, Viarta, Cabo and such. Or go on cruises. Those who do go to Florida, go to Lauderdale or Disney as a general rule. The Mexico thing just blows me away. WHY would you go to Mexico for a beach destination, when you have the same water, better sand and resorts…right here in our own country? At affordable airfare rates as well. I would put the Tampa beaches – Clearwater, Madeira, Indian Rocks, St. Pete, Anna Maria, Caladesi…. up against ANY Mexican beach all day every day. I think the general uneducated public thinks the Florida Gulf beaches are full of oil from the BP disaster and sinkholes. Complete hogwash.

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