University of North Dakota Issues Travel Tips

This letter was issued Monday from the University of North Dakota athletic department to their hockey fans traveling to Tampa for the Frozen Four. The bulletin provided fans with the following instructions:

UND Stationary 5

Fighting Hawks Fans,

We are pleased to have our team in the Frozen four for the third time in three years. We think this year’s destination is the best ever – Tampa, Florida. We have put together some ‘rules of the road’ to follow while you are in Tampa. Have a great time!

  • Pool water is not potable. Do not drink, cook with or bathe in pool water.
  • In Florida, it is against the law to hit a deer with your car – on purpose
  • Jean shorts are not swim trunks
  • Leave snowmobile suits and Carhartt gear at home
  • Staring at the sun can cause blindness
  • Seafood in Florida does not include walleye
  • If a strange person invites themselves to your room, they are a cop
  • Avoid local hotels with crime scene tape
  • If airport personnel ask you for ID, belt buckles do not count
  • Hertz reminds us that you cannot hunt from moving vehicles

Please follow these rules and have a great time in Tampa,

UND Athletics

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