Pioneers Depart for Tampa Business Trip

On a glorious Colorado morning, the Denver hockey team was greeted by cheerleaders, school kids, students, fans, and staff as they boarded a bus to DIA and an eventual flight  to Tampa. The DU pep band was playing as the players entered the bus. Coach Montgomery boarded the bus with both of his kids in hand and thanked the crowd for the Pioneer sendoff.

Tampa 2

5 thoughts on “Pioneers Depart for Tampa Business Trip”

  1. Let’s do it, Pioneers! I kinda like our chances. Montgomery’s got a history of being a player and coach of teams that peak at the right time. Not sure if that will outweigh North Dakota’s experience at the Frozen Four, but we shall see.

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  2. My father was a DU alum. I learned to play hockey from Murray Armstrong. Now on the East Coast, I was able to attend this Frozen Four.

    While it was exciting to see DU in the event, and they came very close to getting to the final game, I was disappointed with DU’s overall crowd presence at the tournament. North Dakota had their pep band, ice cheerleaders and thousands of fans supporting the team.

    DU had a vigorous cheering section supporting the team, but it seriously paled in comparison to the support for the other three teams. Watching North Dakota entering the ice with great fanfare and DU having no band or cheerleader support was disappointing. Sad also that there is no current mascot.

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    1. Hi Fred – Thank you for your observations. If you read Puck Swami’s recent article on the fan experience at the FF other people noticed as well. While Denver’s smaller enrollment will almost always put us at a size disadvantage, not having our pep band and cheerleaders there was a miss. If we want to be an elite program, we need to support it as well or better than our competitors. After all, this reflects on the Denver ‘brand’ and can impact team morale and performance as well. Thanks…and keep giving us your views!


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