Congratulations 2016 Pioneers

Summer Vacation

Congratulations to our newest alums – and especially LetsGoDU’s graduate Nick Tremaroli. And, of course, the graduating athletes who contributed to, perhaps, the greatest four years in DU athletics history.

It has been quite a year for Pioneer sports. Again, thanks to Damien Goddard for handing over the steering wheel so we could continue fan-based reporting and reaction to Pioneer athletics. We will start back up in early September when the 2016-2017 athletic calendar starts anew.

In the interim, we will report any breaking athletics news during the summer months. We will also have a extra-special announcement regarding DU basketball — so stay tuned.

Go Pioneers!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations 2016 Pioneers”

  1. Thanks to all for keeping fans, alums, and students involved with DU athletics. For many of us alums, this is our only connection to DU after graduation. Nick, best of luck in your future endeavors. You are still allowed to contribute, sort of like the guys at 60 Minutes do upon retirement.
    Can’t wait for the next season to begin. Before Letsgodu formally starts up again, contributor BK and myself will have attended 2 DU men’s soccer games in NJ, Monmouth and Rutgers in late August. DU Soccer at the Jersey Shore; how good is that. If Bruce shows up, I’ll make sure to get his picture holding a Boone sign. (Bruce lives 5 minutes from Monmouth campus)
    Everyone have a great summer with dreams of National Championships floating in our heads.

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  2. Rude of me to not mention our friends at the University of North Dakota. Congrats again on winning the 2016 NCAA hockey championship. Bets of luck to all your athletes in Summer School as they try to get their grades up so they can try and repeat.

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  3. I miss the NJ road trips to hang with the alums and watch lacrosse and now, soccer. When you are watching the soccer team, put together another east coast road trip to Denver for hockey or Bball for 2016-2017!.


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