Labor Day Holiday Marks the End of Summer

Labor Day 2

Photo: Earlier this year, Construction workers placed the dome on the now nearly completed Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science building. 

Labor Day 4

Photo: Earlier, constructions workers placed the spire on the completed Anna & John J. Sie International Relations Complex

Labor Day 3

Photo: Facilities crews have the Harper Humanities Garden ready to go for the fall session September 12th.  

labor day 5

Photo: Workers hustle to complete Asbury pull-in parking and expanded sidewalks next to the Stapleton Tennis Pavilion. 

The task of maintaining the University is a year-round effort to make DU’s campus one of the most beautiful in the nation. The facilities crew keeps the grounds and arboretum in great shape. The athletic groundskeepers and Ritchie Center staff have been busy all summer with PASS camps for kids, coaching camps and clinics, and rugby. Major construction projects on the south end of campus include the Ritchie School of Engineering and Sie International Relations Complex with nearly round the clock work to meet a fall session opening.

A big shout-out to the construction crews and the facilities management and planning teams who make the University of Denver such a beautiful place.

Have a great Labor Day!

One thought on “Labor Day Holiday Marks the End of Summer”

  1. Nice win by our soccer team vs. Northwestern! Always good to beat Big 10 schools at anything. Have a nice labor day, all. BTW, that dome in the photo above on the engineering building looks pretty nice in person. Kind of a silvery look. Along with the blue cone on the international building, DU working in some non-copper colors into the landscape.

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