Don’t be these guys

Photo: Cletus Twilly, Buck Dillon, and Bodean Bridges have all stated they have better things to do.

With the announcement of the new Pioneer Posse for DU basketball games, LetsGoDU asked these locals about their level of interest in joining the Posse for this upcoming basketball season.

Cletus stated that the $99.00 season ticket price was “too rich for me. That’s the cost of a vacation to my brother’s pig farm in Rugby, North Dakota”.  Buck also sees the price as a barrier – “$99.00 is a lot for me – but double that when you add the old ball and chain!” As for Bodean, “I just don’t like people.”

If you disagree with Cletus, Buck, and Bodean, click here for details and order your tickets now!!

The Pio Posse deal ends 9/25/2016 so act now!

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