Denver Post Reveals Vegan Buyer

The only beef burrito in the new Campus Lounge may have to be in your stomach.

In a Denver Post reveal, the new owner of the shuttered Campus Lounge is said to be Dan Landes. The Post goes on to state:

Landes opened his first vegetarian restaurant, WaterCourse Foods on East 13th Ave in 1998 (it’s now located at 837 E. 17th Ave.) He ran it until 2015, when he sold it to the general manager of City O’ City. Landes switched focus to City O’ City, 206 E 13th Ave, and his vegan bakery next door, Make, Believe Bakery, which opened to the public on Aug. 4.

DU got dragged into the Denver Post article comments:

Joe RickettsGreat… all what we need in the DU area is another vegetarian restaurant to serve the California, trust-fund transplants. The Bonnie Brae and Washington Park cultural bleaching into Little SoCal continues… It all started with DU’s expansion in the late ’90s.

Others look forward with optimism:

Pscr– Very sad to see the Campus go, but I’m very excited about the new owner coming in. If the new place is anything like City o City, I will love it. Idiots don’t seem to comprehend how good this is turning out. Perhaps they would like to see another chain move in, or another Tavern? Looking forward to the new place, for sure. Lots of memories at the Campus, there will be lots of memories at the new place, too.

Final restaurant/bar plans have not been announced by Mr. Landes. But, after going to the Campus Lounge Sunday, it is clear that most current patrons wouldn’t know ‘vegan’ if they ate one.


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