The Pio Posse Basketball Ticket Deal Ends this Week

Time is quickly running out on the Pio Posse ticket deal which ends midnight Thursday, September 29th. This new fan-generated club was created for alumni and friends of the program who want to sit behind DU’s bench and cheer on the Denver Pioneers. Our goal is simple: create a measurable home court advantage for DU hoops. This premium ticket offer is aimed at new season ticket-holders with discounted seats priced at only $99.00 for the season – 13 home games. After September 29th, all season tickets in section #20 will cost $130.00.  


  • Go to the ticket office promotions page.
  • Enter the offer code (DUBBALL99)
  • Select seats & purchase
  • Tickets will be sent out in October

*If you have any problems entering the promotion code, just call Mike Marso in the ticket office and he will process your order. 303-871-2389

So what does the Pio Posse include?

  • Section #20 is located directly behind the DU bench. This is the best location in Magness Arena to watch a game. You are close to the action on the floor and on the bench.
  • DU assistant coaches will be holding pre-game briefings for select games in the Vince Borylla Room for the Posse.
  • Attend meet-ups around the DU area with the Posse for key televised basketball road games.
  • Free Pio Posse terrible towels (AKA: Bandit Bandana) to either waive at critical moments during games or wear in howling dust storms.


  • Be a part of building support for DU basketball as DU alum Rodney Billups begins a new era at the helm of DU basketball. You will be able to keep your seats and renew for future seasons.
  • Access to special monogrammed fleece vests at our cost ($35.00)


But time is running our. Order your tickets now and join us for a special season of DU basketball.

6 thoughts on “The Pio Posse Basketball Ticket Deal Ends this Week”

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I went to almost every game last year and was thinking about getting season tickets this year, but $130 was just a little much since I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to go to every game. $99 made it a no brainer! And FYI I ordered this today and the code still worked, so it must have been extended. Thank you!

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