DU Men see their future with loss

They were up-tempo, fast, and athletic – pushing the ball whenever they had a chance. It was the Jacksonville Dolphins who won the game 92-84, but they  play the kind of ball that DU wants to play. As the Pioneers rolled out a new, exciting brand of basketball during their Saturday night opener, they  were beaten by a team built and coached for up-tempo basketball. 

Joe Rosga’s 30 points, nine from downtown, were offset by the Dolphins’ J.R. Holder’s 30 points, many from close range. DU shot 60% in the first half but cooled off in the second half and were unable to keep pace with an aggressive Jacksonville team shooting 54.2% for the game – many close range buckets in the second half.

As advertised, Daniel Amigo played a big role with 14 points and 10 rebounds.

DU missed 11 free throws and committed 18 turnovers which proved to be too much too costly to overcome. C.J. Bobbitt had 12 points and 5 rebounds and prized freshman Ade Murkey chipped in with 8 points.

DU alum Rodney Billups’ first career game as a head coach had it all – a pep band, tumblers, dancers, cheerleaders, a new intro video, Chauncey Billups, and rowdy students behind the bucket and next to the crimson section. Everything, except a win. Those will come with time. But this was a solid start for a team playing a new, exciting brand of basketball for Denver fans.


7 thoughts on “DU Men see their future with loss”

  1. It was a fun night, even with the loss. There was some energy in the arena and the up-tempo style was certainly casual fan friendly.

    As I’ve said before, this DU team will take lumps this year, as their players were not really recruited to play this style. Rosga showed why he’s the best player on the team – 30 points, creating and running with a non-stop motor. Amigo looks completely different – more fit and more energy than I’ve ever seen from him before – he’s clearly thriving under this new coaching staff who belives in him. Murkey showed some high end end flashes.

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  2. 77 possessions for the Pios in this game, by my count that is the most for them in a game since an OT game on 2/2/2012. This is definitely a different brand of basketball!

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  3. Even though DU didn’t get the W, it was a great night. Pios fought till the end in a back and forth affair. JU had the better athletes and took advantage of a few defensive lapses in the 2nd half, but DU made them earn it. Looking forward to seeing this team in action again next week.

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  4. Once Coach Billups works out some kinks and brings in recruits who fit his system DU basketball will be very fun to watch. This style gives us a chance to get a signature win at some point. Just have to stay patient

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