WATCH: Jamie Franks talks about DU’s first Quarterfinal berth in 46 years

The University of Denver Men’s soccer team won again last night to keep their national title hopes alive. They beat Washington 2-1 to clinch another game next weekend against the winner of the Clemson vs. Albany Round of 16 match in South Carolina. This victory and advancement in the NCAA tournament are not only huge for this year’s squad but for the program as a whole.

Head coach Jamie Franks does not take this significance lightly and he wants to build this program into a perennial soccer powerhouse. Watch him talk to the media after beating Washington last night:

4 thoughts on “WATCH: Jamie Franks talks about DU’s first Quarterfinal berth in 46 years”

  1. 203 teams in NCAA Soccer: DU now in final 8 in 2016 from 48 team tourney
    60 teams in NCAA hockey in 2016: DU made it to final 4 of the 16 team tourney

    Which is the tougher achievement?

    I think it might be soccer…


  2. Clemson beat Albany 3-1, so the Tigers will host the Pioneers ay Historic Riggs Field in Clemson, South Carolina on Friday, game time TBD. Expect that the game will be live-streamed for Pio fans…


  3. Looking forward to the Clemson game. DU really proved they belonged with the 2 NCAA wins. Beating Clemson at home will be an even tougher task, but I bet they can do it. DU has arguably been more impressive than Clemson in the tourney so far. I also just saw that #1 seed Maryland has been bounced. So let’s get to the final four in Houston and anything can happen there.


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