American Hero Troy Terry does it again in the Gold Medal Game

Photo courtesy Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via AP

For the second time in as many nights, the United States went into the shootout at the World Junior Championship. For the second time in as many nights, DU sophomore Troy Terry got the job done and clinched an American victory. Only this time, there was a WJC gold medal on the line.

After a fast-paced, up-and-down 60 minutes of hockey that yielded 8 goals between the United Stats and Canada, the WJC Gold Medal Game went to overtime. There were countless chances for both teams and time after time it seemed the puck was supposed to cross the goal line, but it never did over the course of the extra 20-minute frame.

As the clock struck 0 to signal the end of overtime, it was as if a switch went off for Troy Terry. After 3 straight saves by both goalies, Troy Terry stepped up to the puck at center ice as the USA’s 4th shooter. He made the most of it…again:

Of course, the game wasn’t over yet as that was just the 4th round of the shootout. USA goalie Tyler Parsons made the ensuing save, Canada’s goalie made another save, and then Parsons sealed Troy Terry’s place in the annals of American hockey history with this save:

Then, the inevitable Twitter reaction came pouring in:








6 thoughts on “American Hero Troy Terry does it again in the Gold Medal Game”

  1. Not to take anything away from Terry’s heroics, but seriously, screw the damn IIHF. A fucking shootout? In a gold-medal game?

    WHAT. THE. FUCK??!??!?!

    Every hockey playing country in the world should summarily ratify a constitutional amendment banning the shootout – PARTICULARLY when championships/medals are on the line.

    Deciding a team game via an individual skills competition that, at its best, is an artifice that has only passing resemblance to the actual game in question is beyond idiotic.

    The NHL doesn’t use shootouts in the playoffs.

    Major Junior doesn’t use shootouts in the playoffs.

    College doesn’t use shootouts in the conference or national tournaments.

    Why the hell would the IIHF double down on them?

    That said….USA! USA! USA! USA! Way to go, Troy! You made DU proud!


  2. What a game, what a tournament for Team USA. 7-0, including two Ws over Russia and Canada. Amazing. Once again, the WJC tournament proves itself as one of the best events of the year, hands down. Any hockey fan not watching this tournament is missing out big time.

    Congrats Troy! Unbelievably clutch!

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  3. The reason the IIHF uses shootouts is because they are hosting multiple team tournaments in single buildings with typically short turnarounds between games, as well as many teams often playing on a day’s rest, thus saving a team from having to expend too much of itself should it have to play again a day later with wobbly legs. Shootouts, while not ideal, do save wear and tear on players.

    I remember a in 2013 seeing DU get blown out by a rested North Dakota team in an NCAA regional after DU had to play Western Michigan into double OT the day before. A shootout win vs WMU might have given DU a fighting chance to play with UND.

    In a gold medal game, I think a longer OT period is merited, but I think shootouts do have their place. I don’t want to sit through a four overtime game, as the play really declines after a second OT.

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    1. On a somewhat-somber note, this all-but seals Terry’s early college departure. I will kiss your sister at the NE intersection of I-25 and Evans….at 4:49pm on April 21st wearing a CC home jersey and Pink rubber pants holding a rubber chicken and a lobster ….if Troy sees 4 years at Denver.

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      1. Great shoot outs (as awesome as they were) do not an NHL player make. You gotta think he needs another year at college to get stronger. He still has a LOT to prove at the college level, despite his heroics at the World Juniors.

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  4. Terry is 165 pounds soaking wet. He is certainly a clutch player, has NHL hands and his skating and situational play have improved, but he’s not NHL ready yet, at least not in my eyes.


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