Sun Devils Get Scorched

Photo: Arizona State University is a well known party school in the desert. Apparently, they like to ski, too.

Arizona State hockey is coming to Denver this weekend.

So what do we really know about Arizona State other than sunshine, desert, and now hockey?

There are more than a few jokes directly aimed at the inhabitants of the Valley of the Sun. ASU is seen as a diploma mill and party school with basement level admission standards (92% acceptance) – so even if you want to transfer from North Dakota – you’re in! 

When Seth MacFarlane isn’t pushing the envelope as a self-proclaimed ‘stoner’, he’s taking shots at this treasured desert institution. In the movie, Ted 2, his character states that Arizona State students have sex on houseboats (popular Lake Shasta, Lake Powell, & Lake Mohave destinations) and confirms that ASU students party more than they study. “So do you say ‘Arizona State University,’ or do you say ‘HPVU’?”

Stephen Colbert challenged the very accreditation granted to ASU – pairing them with made-up diploma mills “Prancetown University” and “Johns Hotpants University”. Ouch.

HBO’s John Oliver takes well-aimed shots, even comparing Syrian refugees to Sun Devils prospective students. “It is difficult to vet people coming out of a war zone, it’s not like we’re just letting anyone in…we are the United States of America, not Arizona State.”

And Bill Maher jumps in on the action as well, “I’ve been to that school. It’s a party-ville – it’s a football school. You know when strippers say, ‘I’m working my way through college’? That’s the college.”

The clip below features welcome-back gatherings at ASU from this past August. Making students “feel at home” is the understatement of the year. Take a look.

You get the point.

ASU takes a break from their busy social calendar to visit the University of Denver for a series this weekend, the 6th and 7th, at Magness Arena.

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