DU announces Troy Terry is out indefinitely, season likely not over

This is kind of old news at this point and there isn’t much more to add to the story, but just in case you haven’t heard, DU announced a few days ago that Troy Terry sustained an upper-body injury during the third period of Friday night’s game against Western Michigan and will be out indefinitely.

The injury appeared to happen during a routine scrum along the boards and Terry went into the boards awkwardly. It was a freak accident that doesn’t normally happen on that kind of a play.

There have been a number of unsubstantiated reports that Terry broke his arm and his season is over. Those reports can’t be confirmed at the moment. It appears that Terry will be out at least a month, potentially 6-8 weeks, pending further analysis. Based on nothing more than mere speculation, Terry might be back as early as the Omaha series during the first weekend of March.

The important takeaway is that his season is unlikely completely over and he should be back for the postseason, namely the NCHC Tournament.

Terry was out for Saturday’s 7-2 drubbing of Western, so the response by the rest of the team was excellent as the Pios had seven different goal-scorers. This is not to imply that the loss of their American Hero won’t be significant, but it’s not like their season is over like I’ve seen on Twitter a number of times.

Just keep this in mind: if Denver was solely depending on Troy Terry for their success this year, they wouldn’t be the best team in the country right now.