Local Landmark Inspires Colorado College Practice Facility

Photo This pig barn has inspired a new design for an on-campus hockey practice facility.

Pioneer Cabin, also known as William A. Burgess House, is one of the oldest buildings in Colorado Springs. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A swine shed adjacent to the historic site is now the inspiration for Colorado College’s  new on-campus practice ice arena. 

Colorado College received an $8 million gift from alum Edward J. Robson (’54) to build a new on-campus hockey practice arena (below).

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This proposed hockey practice facility is seen by current students as not reflective of  the changing times.

However, a group of students is pushing for an alternative plan. The students want the building design to take ques from the Pioneer Cabin pig barn instead. “Think of this as a huge pork palace. When hockey is not going on, we can hold craft fairs, indie music festivals, or close the doors and do hot yoga”, said sophomore Brittany Pollard.

Another student thought the structure could be used for drying pottery and for local poetry slams. “We could also add a  candle making room as well as a stained glass workshop. We need the flexibility of a structure which can adapt to today’s needs.”

Building materials are critical, too. “Renewable barn siding is much more environmentally friendly. Also, the doors can be opened on nice days for energy-free ventilation”, said one environmental science major who also suggested the Zamboni operate on used cooking oil.

Students have sent the new design proposal to Mr. Robson  and have called for a face-to-face meeting with the University president before final plans are submitted for zoning approval to the city of Colorado Springs.

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