LetsGoDU Exclusive: Damien Goddard Travel Details Revealed

Photo: While cleaning his office, a local janitorial service in Houston discovered the upcoming travel itinerary of the highly private Damien Goddard and forwarded to LetsGoDU.

We can now disclose that LetsGoDU founder Damien Goddard is making a trip to Denver this weekend for the DU-CC hockey series and DU men’s lacrosse’s season opener against Air Force, who upset Duke over the weekend. While the details of his trip are confidential, we received this exclusive copy of his personal itinerary (below).





10 thoughts on “LetsGoDU Exclusive: Damien Goddard Travel Details Revealed”

  1. DG’s pep talk to the hockey team would undoubtedly begin with, “I’m not sure who that bald guy is in the coach’s office, but I do know that Coach George Gwozdecky should be giving this talk….”


    (See, I can say this because, back on the old blog, DG and I respectfully disagreed regarding the BOT’s shit-canning of Gwoz after his string of ‘one-and-dones’ at the NCAAs….)

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  2. Autographs: Will DG be able to sign memorabilia and get his photo taken with DU fans between periods?
    Also, I hope a camera crew will follow DG’s every move and it can be posted on DU Have Spirit on Facebook.

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  3. I don’t remember how/when I discovered DG’s blog back in the day, but it was awesome. Great opportunity to get more connected to the sports scene. I remember the sinking feeling I had when the blog went away, then feeling great again when it came back.

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    1. Here’s a “heads-up” on the weekend festivities. Also posted on my Facebook Page. Hope to see some or all of ya’ll.


      4:15 PM – C&G Pre-Pregame

      5:30 PM -Trish & Tim Thompson’s Pregame House Party @ 1990 South Humboldt [All Welcome BYO]

      7 PM – DU vs. CC Hockey @ Magness Arena Denver Men’s Hockey

      Post Game @ Crimson & Gold


      NOON – J-Rue Pregame
      Jerusalem Restaurant
      1890 E Evans Ave

      2 PM – DU vs Air Force Lax @ Barton

      6 PM – DU @ CC Hockey in Colorado Springs

      Post Game @ Golden Bee in Broadmoor Hotel


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