DU finalizing Chicago pregame festivities

Sources in Chicago are telling us that the University of Denver is in the process of finalizing plans with the Park Tavern as the official pregame party stop for DU fans, alums & family for this year’s Frozen Four. While details cannot be formally confirmed at this time, the Park Tavern would be an ideal stop before the game because it is a short walk to United Center.

Photos: Park tavern offers inside and outside area, depending on weather.

The fan gathering is expected to start 2-hours before game time and will include food and drinks. Expect to pre-register with a small charge of $10-15 for entry.

The Park Tavern Address: 1645 W. JACKSON BLVD. CHICAGO, IL 60612 | (312) 243-4276

Expect a formal announcement in a few days when DU confirms all the details.

22 thoughts on “DU finalizing Chicago pregame festivities”

    1. Good question…word is the athletic department is working on it. We’ll get an answer before the middle of next week. Frankly, it would be disappointing not to have the band and cheerleaders there. As you know, last FF we were the only school without. It did not look good.


  1. I am pretty sure DU was embarrassed by the fact that we were the only school that did not bring the band and cheerleaders to Tampa. The reason given at the time was that DU didn’t budget for it. This time around, I am hoping they did budget for it, since they certainly knew that DU had a great shot to be there for the last year. I would imagine it’s probably a ball park $30,000 -$40,000 expense, as the NCAA allows up to 25 band members and 12 cheerleaders at NCAA events (figure $1,000 per person for transportation, hotel and meals). Even if they have to bus them out, DU needs to do the right thing and pony up to send them!

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  2. DU Pregame Party at Park Tavern should be a great warm-up on the way to the game. Hope the Chicago Alums/Fans rally around this event & show up in numbers.

    There are still Frozen Four tickets available on StubHub.com and as of yesterday, someone was able to purchase a three game Upper Deck Package from DU for around $175.

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  3. If the 1st semi-final game, Harvard v. Minnesota-Duluth, starts at 6 pm and most people have tickets for that game, what is the thinking on why this party, a very good idea, conflicts directly with that? My group always goes to all three games that weekend. Most Frozen Four fans do that

    Strikes me a little like parents going to school events and leaving after their kid plays the clarinet. Much better to have the party earlier in the day, get some good food and drink, then see both Thursday games.

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    1. DG is putting together a pre-party that will cover those folks that want to party before the DU function. Details will come out soon – it will be Fun, trust me.


      1. Thanks, 5BWest. Just want for every DU fan in Chicago to have a great Frozen Four experience. Enjoying other schools and their fans are part of that experience.

        Park Tavern looks terrific. I may eat a 4pm meal there before heading off to the United Center. Looking forward to forthcoming details.


  4. Good thing about this is it’ll let DG get good and liquored up before he heads into the alcohol-free desert that is an NCAA tournament game….


  5. Given the semi-final opponent, its expected large following, a late night game, and based on prior experience, in this case having an alcohol-free desert might be a very good thing.

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  6. Kudos to DU for getting all this organized. I love the fact that we can pick up the tickets from DU in Denver on Monday, rather than relying on will call. Nice gesture by DU to offer some tix to students, too.

    I, too, am conflicted about the DU party being during the first semifinal. Obviously, those who bought tix from DU have a ticket to the first semifinal. Not really sure what DU could have done differently with the planning, though. Starting a gathering like at 4:00 on a Thursday would be too early. If I’m assuming correctly that I can attend part of the first semifinal, leave for a while, and then come back for the DU game, maybe I’ll watch the first half of the first game and then depart for the DU gathering. Not sure what the demand will be for tix to the first semi-final, but if it’s high i could try selling that ticket, too.

    In any case, if DU plays well enough to make it to the championship game, I’m guessing that they would organize another pre-game event for the title game, which would fun and well-attended with no other games going on.


    1. A lot of times you cannot leave a venue and re-enter. It depends how tough they are. We’ll check to see if it is allowed. I know DU is looking at possibly extending the reception hours.


    2. You won’t be allowed to leave the venue. It’s one ticket for both games as opposed to Tampa which had two tickets and you had to leave the build between games.


  7. So does that mean that those who purchased their tix through DU won’t be able to sell a ticket to the UMD-Harvard game if they plan on attending the following DU game on Thursday? It seems that way from DG’s comment directly above, just hoping to confirm that I understand correctly. Thanks


    1. Last year in Tampa, they cleared the building between semi-final games, and it was pretty stressful as 10,000 people tried to enter/re-enter the building for the second game , as DU and UND fans missed the entire warmup and many fans were just getting to their seats right before the DU game started.

      This time around, the doubleheader ticket avoid that scenario. The downside is that you can’t sell your semifinal ticket unless you want to win both games.

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  8. In the old days, there were separate tix for each game on Thurs, with a 2 or 3 hour delay between the two. This allowed fans to have a leisurely drink or meal at a local establishment. It also assured a lively ticket bourse outside the arena, with 1st game losers selling to 2nd game late arrivals. This worked great for fans, so of course the NCAA had to change it. I suspect the NCAA gets a percentage of concession sales and smelled lost revenue. So they crammed the start times together, issued only one ticket for both games, suspended in/out privileges and prohibited outside food/drink and inside suds. 7+ hours locked in the arena pretty much assures starving/parched fans will have to shell out for $10 roller dogs and $8 Cokes. Gotta luv the ol’ NCAA.

    PS–no explaining the forced exodus and cattle car return between games in Tampa last year. Total chaos.

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  9. For what it’s worth, Park Tavern is also the Harvard pre-game bar. So anyone planning on eating there before attending the first game will essentially be crashing their (small) party.


  10. Harvard’s event is 1:00 to 3:3:30 and off to the early game. DU’s party falls after theirs so there should be no overlap. Not sure how they handle folks that stay to watch…probably not many in that area – just a guess.


    1. Those Harvard fans who are in Chicago are going to the their game. They have money, connections and tickets, trust me.

      We won’t see them at Park Tavern.


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