One Day for DU – Why We are Supporting Athletic Excellence

DU’s once per year  “One Day for DU” crowd funding project takes place this Wednesday, May 24th. This is our chance to support any number of DU initiatives.

You can direct your DU donations to any of a number of worthy areas. Contributions can be made directly at the One Day for DU website, and there are ten crowdfunding projects. One area that we strongly support at LetsGoDU is Intercollegiate Athletics.

If you can’t think of one, here are the six reasons why we think this is a great choice:

  • Look at the remarkable success this year. Denver athletics surely ‘earned’ our support on the ice, courts, fields, courses and slopes.
  • With a relatively small budget, our entire athletic department is likely to finish 25th in the country (the men Top 5) – better than two-thirds of the Power-Five behemoth athletic programs – with huge football TV contracts and regional networks.
  • Athletics is a loss-leader for DU. Unlike mega athletic programs, they really need our support to continue to recruit and keep the very best student athletes.
  • Denver is doing lots of innovative things in strength and conditioning which has allowed them to excel. That, and excellent coaching and support staff come at a cost.
  • Compared to large state schools, you can actually make a difference – without having to mortgage the house. Only $110 gets your name posted at the Ritchie Center and $500 gets you into a pregame event for lacrosse, hockey, or basketball next season. That barely gets you in the gate at CU!
  • Sport brings Denver and the community closer together. That is a primary goal of DU Impact 2025.

Gifts can be directed to the Athletics Excellence Fund to support all of Athletics or gifts can be sent to any of our 17 sport-specific funds. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your gift goes to the team of your choosing.

HERE it is again.

Seems like an easy choice to make with all that the student-athletes have given us this past year.