Is the K-Cup killing Omaha Athletics?

The Omaha World-Herald recently wrote an exposé on the University of Nebraska Omaha’s athletic budget deficit that had surged from $4.3 million in 2010-2011 to $8.6 million last year. We recently wrote a satirical piece on their debt as it was associated with Baxter Arena, the home of Omaha’s hockey team. The University is understandably looking at all avenues to trim expenses to include student fees, a salary freeze, country club memberships, and athletic department travel and expenses to bring down the gaping deficit.

One of the most interesting cost savings identified were K-Cups. Yes, those K-Cups. K-Cups are plastic cups which contain a filter and approximately an ounce of coffee and are placed in a Keurig machine for brewing.

Maverick fans, some of the most passionate in the Summit League and National Collegiate Hockey Conference, have jumped on the story:

We did the math:

500 Coffee drinkers (athletes, staff, visitors)
x 2 Cups per Day
1000 total Cups per Day
x 5 Days per Week
5,000 Cups per Week
x 40 Weeks per Year (School sessions, camps, special events)
200,000 Cups per Year
x $0.30 per K-Cup

$60,000 Coffee Cost per Year

That is almost as much as athletic director Trev Albert’s country club membership!

In the spirit of cost leadership, we are sharing the following YouTube training video which will allow the Mavericks to cut their current K-Cup costs in half by recycling cups:

Of course, this doesn’t entirely address the environmental issues associated with the K-Cup which are seen as a threat to the planet by environmentalists. A website, Kill The Cup, claims the makers of the Keurig machine, Green Mountain Coffee, are facing downward sales and a financial crisis.

Just like the Mavs, folks. Just like the Mavs.