North Dakota streak ends at 635 days

An unprecedented 635 day streak has come to an end as another Fighting Hawk found himself on the short end of the long arm of the law June 18th. Star sophomore basketball player Geno Crandall was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of DUI in Grand Forks. Crandall averaged 15.5 points this past season.

The last Fighting Hawks player to get three hots and a cot was a football player, Dustin Iverson, who shoplifted $16 worth of Nike bicep bands while wearing his North Dakota Football jersey at a Scheels sporting goods store. He got away with the heist but went back to the store later that afternoon and was apprehended and charged. He lost his scholarship.

The bad luck doesn’t end there for the North Dakota hoops squad that won the Big Sky Conference last season and played Arizona in the first round of March Madness. Drick Bernstein who transferred from DU to North Dakota is transferring again – to Washington State for his senior year. The Fighting Hawks also lost 7-footer Carson Shanks who is departing Grand Forks for his senior season as well. The Hawks chances for a repeat title seem to be fading fast.