Colorado Springs owns the Tiger Spirit

The opening stanza in Colorado College’s Alumni hymn says it all, “O Colorado College fair, We sing our praise to you.”  And, this year’s squad is as fair as it gets at 7-7.

But a .500 record has delighted their fan base after only winning 6 games two years ago and 8 games last season.

The recent upturn in Colorado College hockey fortunes has bolstered community spirits, too. People in The Springs have adopted the Tiger spirit – and there are signs of a new attitude all over town.

CC Firefighter
Local fire fighter adopts the Tiger standard
CC Doctor
St Francis Hospital Surgery team enjoy a more relaxed approach to their work.
CC Cooking Class
Old School Bakery’s goal is to delight one out of every two customers
CC Teacher
Both students and teachers are enjoying the new standard of excellence at Cheyenne Mountain Elementary
CC Construction
New Homeowners are learning to live without luxuries such as roofs, doors and paint.
CC Airplane
Checking on most of the ‘big stuff’ has improved the quality of life of airline mechanics in Colorado Springs
CC hippie
And many Colorado College students just don’t know that much about hockey – or sports in general