Colorado College students move to unionize

Photo: Could CC students unionization require Burning Man Festival attendance?

This past week, the CC Student Newspaper, The Catalyst, posted an article regarding current efforts by students to unionize at the $52,818 per year college. The goal of the effort is to take on “the organizational structure which takes after the namesake unions that catalyzed the labor movements in the U.S. and across the world.” After some research, we have found their list of their Top 10 priorities:

1) Grant students tuition clothing credits at local thrift and salvation army stores

2) Drop math and science from the Block Plan

3) Award college credits for time spent at cafe debates

4) Core curriculum include attendance at three formal protests to meet college requirements

5) Use CC endowment funds to level the Manitu Incline so ‘everybody can do it’

6) Add Burning Man road trip to Freshman orientation

7) Instead of naming buildings after imperfect founders, re-name campus facilities after planets or pastels

8) Change all the cafeteria glasses to mason jars – not because the CC can’t afford them but because they look utilitarian

9) Tuition cost to provide comprehensive health insurance for kiln explosions

10) Change ‘Pass/Fail’ to  ‘Completed/Participated’

According to a direct quote from the article, “The organizers of the student union are not named in this article because they do not want to be singled out, out of respect for the horizontal nature of the organization.”