Top 10 New Years Resolutions from LetsGoDU

  • Promise to try leftovers – especially if they are JJ Lane’s
  • Figure out who had the time to invent this emoji – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • After defeating Notre Dame in every sport possible in 2017, produce our own blockbuster “Rudy (Junda)” movie. Monty is cast in the style of salty football head coach Dan Devine. Underdog senior Rudy Junda lives under a blue spruce in Harper Humanities garden until discovered skating on the frozen water feature by assistant head coach David Carle.
  • Initiate a petition to cease all ‘tire roll’ competitions during DU intermissions
  • Promise to take out the trash every time Trevor Baptiste loses a faceoff this season.
  • Eat ice cream for each Nick Tremeroli Twitter rant and whenever Jay Stickney says ‘half-wall’ or “I’ll have another”.
  • Avoid being one of those “I told you so people” when Puck Swami is named DU Vice Chancellor of Athletics and Recreation.

Puck Swami 1

  • Cheer for a return trip to the Frozen Four in St. Paul Minnesota and instruct the DU ticket office to advise any distraught ticket buyers that, “Brandon Macneill no longer works here.”
  • Take on Johnson & Wales in a pastry bakeoff at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality instead of playing them in basketball at Hamilton Gym.
  • If CC can call a tie a win, then DU will buy the unicorns they ride to the national championship this season in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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