North Dakota fans decry ‘DU Advantage’

Photo: North Dakota fans are troubled by the lack of Denver penalty calls

Fighting Hawks fans cite head coach Jim Montgomery’s ‘special relationship’ with the referees which elevates his status above all others. Not to mention Denver’s deep pockets and cozy NCHC relationships which allow them to impact the way games are called.

The emotional trauma in the Dakotas is palpable as families, neighborhoods and even childhoods have been destroyed by this hockey injustice.

Photo: This Grand Forks child just saw the penalty stat sheet (27 minutes to 2 minutes)  for DU’s 4-1 victory earlier this season at Magness Arena

There have been entire columns written on Sioux Sports forum and Sin Bin about the mystical power which allows Denver to miraculously escape penalties. We would like to address these questions posed on the Sioux Sports Forum:

LetsGoDU: Stack – It’s that “Magness Electricity” that all the Fighting Hawks fans talk about when they come to Denver.  DU just broke the stadium decibel level record this season when giving out free coupons for Anthony’s Pizza. BTW, Sertorre got fired by DU because he never knew how to work the refs.

9 thoughts on “North Dakota fans decry ‘DU Advantage’”

  1. For as good as most of the hockey fans are in Grand Forks in terms of hockey knowledge, these UND conspiracy theories about DU and the refs being in cahoots always amaze me.

    DU’s low penalty minutes are by design, not referee favoritism. DU is built for high speed, high skill, and finesse hockey. Opponents take more penalties against the Pios because DU often has the puck, and other teams try to slow DU down. DU is also generally coached not to retaliate after whistles. The DU roster is smaller in average size, and rarely do DU teams intimidate anyone physically. Finally, DU recruits smart, character guys who almost always leading the league in academic performance – so they are smart enough to take less stupid penalties than opponents do.

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    1. I don’t think there’s a conspiracy going on but I am a little surprised at the amount of rope Monty’s been given this season regarding some of his actions towards the officials. After that Friday night loss to North Dakota, he was seen on camera berating the officials. I thought for sure he would’ve been reprimanded for that but apparently he wasn’t. Perhaps all coaches in the conference are allowed to interact with the officials like that, I don’t know. What gets interesting is come tournament time, teams will have to adjust and adapt to having officials from other conferences and to me, that can creste a real crap shoot….you don’t know what you’re going to get other than merely that particular conference’s reputation for officiating.

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  2. Coach Montgomery definitely does not have great relations with the game officials this year, be it the on ice or the off ice guys.

    Don Adam is not a game ref any longer and hasn’t been in years.

    The NCHC office is in the Broadmoor area of Colorado Springs.

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  3. I never like to see coaches berating officials, especially our own. Coaches “working the officials” has probably been around since the ancient Greeks, but I think 99% of the refs today are doing the best they can to call the game to the best of their ability.

    Teams in any sport should be focused on scoring enough points so that a poor officiating decision (s) do not affect the desired outcome.


  4. I sit 20 feet from Monty during games. Frankly, I do not see him ‘working officials’ any more than other coaches. However, when it comes to player safety he does get animated. Call me crazy but I don’t see it. And I don’t see him ‘showing up’ refs either – unless it is a player safety issue.


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