In the Mix for Six: DU women’s tennis heads to Summit League tournament

Fresh off claiming their sixth-straight regular season title, the #47 University of Denver women’s tennis team (15-5, 5-0) heads to Tulsa, OK for the Summit League tournament. And you guessed it, the Pioneers will be seeking their sixth-straight tourney title. Continue reading In the Mix for Six: DU women’s tennis heads to Summit League tournament

New Uniforms and Updated Fight Song Suit Nebraska Omaha Just Fine

“The new sweater is intended to reach a broader geography than ‘Omaha’ which is currently featured on our hockey jerseys. We are Nebraska’s team, too. And, this also makes a statement about our agricultural ‘roots’. We are Nebraska Omaha – or simply NOM,” said Chancellor Jeffrey Gold.

Going forward, all Nebraska Omaha’s jerseys will salute Nebraska’s cash crop – corn

“I love our new home jerseys,” said Athletic Director Trev Albert. “They have broad appeal and tell our fans, ‘We are corn people’.”

The school fight song has been changed to the Nom Nom song to reinforce the new brand message.

University students playing the new fight song, the Nom Nom Song, at the Nebraska Omaha (NOM) announcement at Baxter Arena.

The uniforms will be launched next season and the Nom Nom fight song will be implemented immediately.

It’s official: Jim Montgomery to the Dallas Stars

The inevitable happened this morning when former DU hockey head coach Jim Montgomery accepted the head coaching position for the Dallas Stars.

The hour long event was streamed on FoxSportsGo and opening comments below were posted on the Dallas Stars Twitter.

Continue reading It’s official: Jim Montgomery to the Dallas Stars

North Dakota fans decry ‘DU Advantage’

Photo: North Dakota fans are troubled by the lack of Denver penalty calls

Fighting Hawks fans cite head coach Jim Montgomery’s ‘special relationship’ with the referees which elevates his status above all others. Not to mention Denver’s deep pockets and cozy NCHC relationships which allow them to impact the way games are called.

The emotional trauma in the Dakotas is palpable as families, neighborhoods and even childhoods have been destroyed by this hockey injustice. Continue reading North Dakota fans decry ‘DU Advantage’

Does Denver’s success have a limit?

Photo: Could this be the I-70 view if Denver is awarded the 2026 Winter Olympics? 

Remember when Denver rejected the 1976 Winter Olympics because of cost and congestion? Well, it may be happening again, 50 years later.

Denver has grown from 450,000 to over 700,00 residents over that period and the suburbs and front range have exploded – especially since the financial collapse in 2007-2008. The state of Colorado gained over 100,000 new residents in 2015 and the trend has been continuing according to The Denver Post. Colorado currently has a population of 5.7 million and is expected to grow to 8 million by 2050, a 40% increase which will continue to put a strain on resources – taxes, schools, housing, roads, water, parks, etc.. Continue reading Does Denver’s success have a limit?

Wait to dig DU Volleyball until next year? Maybe not

Photo: Pioneer players warm-up for the Pioneer Classic. Denver swept the tournament 3-0 and moved to a team-record 6-0.

DU volleyball was always going to be good this season but a 6-0 start, winning 18 of 21 games and two tournament wins (College of Charleston and Pioneer Classic), following the loss of four starters from last year’s NCAA squad, seemed improbable.

But why wait – DU can do big things this season. Continue reading Wait to dig DU Volleyball until next year? Maybe not

Fanning the Flames – From Tweets to Twits

It was with great interest that I watched the twitter wars and blogs covering this past weekend’s hard fought Denver – Minnesota-Duluth hockey series. Pioneer (2-0/series) fans saw the series as a poorly officiated ‘chippy’ affair. On the other hand, the UMD (0-2/series) Bulldog blogs and twitter supporters saw the series as a highly competitive physical affair and characterized DU’s team and supporters as soft, spoiled babies.

DU posted the game ‘highlights’, see for yourself (Game 2 Highlights). Continue reading Fanning the Flames – From Tweets to Twits